an excuse

okay, so i am already breaking my promise to put at least an hour’s work in on HHNF every day, but i have a good reason (or i hope i do). i spent most of the afternoon working on a revision of my synopsis of NGD to tighten it up and shorten it in preparation for submitting NGD to a small press for consideration.

i know i just sent a manuscript to another agent, but there’s no point in cutting off opportunities. what’s more, this small press is currently looking for works that have NGD written all over them. this will be the first time i’ve tried to submit to a small press, and there are a handful of others that i’m preparing for as well, but i want to make sure everything is just so. i’ve nailed the cover letter, i think, and the book is solid, but the synopsis has been a bit flabby and i want it as strong as possible.

to that end, my wife’s currently in the other room giving the latest revision a once-over, providing the ever-helpful and ever-necessary additional viewpoint. it’s so easy for me not to be able to see the forest for the trees when doing this; she helps me see what i need to see. we don’t always agree on it, but i need to see it.*

so that’s my excuse, and i’m sticking with it.

* thanks, love.

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