draft 3 and wearing jeans

now today is the kind of day i live for: cool, crisp air; bright, clear sky. this is jeans weather, and i love it. there are few things i find so comfortable as a pair of well-worn jeans.

this weather is also perfect for writing (and a cup of tea!), and i’ve done some strong work this morning. it’s not as much as i would like, because i feel like this could be one of those days where i could write straight for the whole day, but there’s that little matter of the paying part time job…

nonetheless, i’m very excited by the work for today. the scene i’m currently working on is coming along very well, i think, with some great personal interactions woven through some very interesting story information. i’m still adding new notes even as i take care of the existing notes, but these new notes are for future books, plots, character arcs, and so on. it seems i can’t write more than a few lines in Kelly’s world without discovering even more things and people i want to explore in it.

very cool.

and, thanks to my wife’s sharp and clever eye and a final revision, i got the synopsis pared down to a lean and powerful page and a half, and i sent off the submission to the first small press last night. perhaps this evening i’ll give another couple a go.


did i mention how much i like wearing jeans?


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