draft 3: done.

yep. in a surprise upset, today saw the finish of the third draft. it required losing the afternoon at the part time job, but i’ll make the hours up later this week. i was on a roll, today, and how.*

there are still 4 outstanding items/notes that i haven’t entirely done away with, but they’re really dependent upon the flow of the story, which i can’t get a sense of anymore, with all the spot-fixing work i’ve been doing. so they will remain on the list, but out of sight, until i get through the next version. if they don’t beg to be included at that point, then they’ll stay out.

tomorrow** i’ll shoot out between classes and get it printed up, and then it’s on to draft 4, the so-called final pass, before handing it over to some readers. this should be mostly a cosmetic pass, though, as i’ve decided to stick with a leaner story, rather than try to force-fit some additional themes that just weren’t sitting well with me.

and now, it’s time for this old man to shuffle off to bed. where’s my walker…

* this may well have been helped along by the arrival of another rejection letter, albeit one in response to a query i sent in march.

** i’d love to use the fedexkinko’s online service, but it’s a painful beastie that doesn’t seem to like my credit card in the end, particularly compared to the original kinko’s tool which worked straight inside MS Word. bleh. anyway.


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