nothing new

besides a looming headache.

thanks to an overly self-indulgent crack at a computer game earlier in the day yesterday, school work took far more time than expected, with the added bonus of seeing the clock turn to midnight before i finished tweaking because i was losing all functional capacity. i am so not a night person.

as a result, then, i did zero book work  yesterday. not a good thing. not even five minutes. very bad bill.

now, it’s quarter to 8 at night, my eyes are starting to burn, a headache is hovering, i have another bunch of homework to correct, i’m behind on my writing, i got another NGD rejection in the inbox this afternoon, and i did it all myself.*

waaa, waaa, waaa.

so i’m off, dragging my sorry butt up above the garage for at least five minutes, before sacking out and praying for no illness in the morning.

* well, okay, so the rejection i didn’t do, but this is my pity party and i’ll cry if i want to.