the guaranteed, absolute fastest way to revise!

throw out whole pages at a time.

sad, but true. of course it took me longer than it should have to realize it, but i was able to get rid of nearly four pages worth of ugly, heavy-handed, boring exposition this morning.



seriously, though, it’s better this way. i really knew when i was writing it, but i had it in my mind that it would really work, that this content would really be an important section, and that i could make it fit.

danger! danger!

“…i could make it fit.”

i should’ve seen it a mile away, i know. ah, well, at least i did finally catch it, and that’s today’s good thought for the day. now the chapter runs much more smoothly, the slow-down that this section caused is gone and the pace stays up, and best of all, the audience won’t actually be put to sleep.

well, not by this section, anyway.