draft 4: done! (aka, i have the best wife, ever)

briefly, because i’m having trouble seeing straight, but the fourth draft is finished as of a half hour ago. 302 pages revised.*

and all because i am supported by the most amazing woman.

after a delightful, but very full day of stuff on saturday, my wife cordoned off the whole day today so i could try to finish this revision. we’ve got family coming later this week, and she knows i would sorely love to have the whole thing done before they arrive. now, it looks like a possibility. who knows if i can type in all these changes by then, but the hardest part, i think, is done.

i was able to revise 90 pages today – an impossible-seeming,  off-the-chart personal record – thanks to her unflagging support and encouragement (and the bringing of delicious baked goods to sustain me in the garage). amazing.

and now, to sleep.

* i.e., pencil-marked riddled, with arrows and cross-outs and scribbles and new content and erasings and more cross-outs and more scribbles and more than a couple big ‘X’ marks and more arrows and . . . .


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