almost halfway, and loving every minute. seriously.

page 145 out of 301!

15 pages this morning already, and still going. need a short break, maybe a Tim Tam, maybe a dark chocolate Digestive*, give the piano some more practice ahead of this evening’s lesson, then back here to run with more revisions!

what i said before about revision-fatigue** is valid, but not quite accurate. it’s actually more about getting myself to start working. when i’m feeling the fatigue, i dread the work, generally piling up all the things i previously mentioned as reasons not to even bother.

however, and this is absolutely key, once i start, no matter where i am mentally, no matter how little time i spend on the work, no matter how minor the changes or edits i make, i am always, without exception, immersed from that first moment.

the story reaches out to me, pulling me in, carrying me along, but it’s as much a logical as a creative pull. i tend to swing back and forth between the two pursuits and i’ve discovered that they are less mutually exclusive for me. i love the wonder and discovery of the creative light, of writing my way around a corner and finding a character i had no idea existed until that moment. or pushing myself to reach beyond my familiarity and try a new technique or environment or way of expressing the story. these are fantastic.

on the other side, i love the puzzle nature of revisions. i love the idea that i can turn a raw, rough ‘something’ into a polished and shiny final product. perfect? no. but it’s the process that thrills me, here. seeing the work as a puzzle, where most of the pieces are on the table and some are on the floor or between the cushions of the couch or still in the box or even out on the lawn, seeing it like this, gives my logical side a run for its money each and every time.

yes, it’s often difficult.

yes, i go overboard with some of these things.***

yes, i love it all: the fun, the difficult, and the unexpected.

* probably both.

** that was the phrase my wife actually used, which is much better than revision-exhaustion.

*** sorry, love.


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