HHNF – draft 5 – Done.

quarter past 5 on Sunday evening, 150+ pages typed/revised in two days, and my third book is finished!

my brain, however, having been boosted on caffeine, Tim Tams and repeating cycles of Vienna Teng, The Wailing Jennies, and the Dave Matthews Band,* is now heading straight to mush for recomposition.

first impressions of being done, though:

i’m extremely excited. i feel very good about what’s there, about a lot of the pacing, the intensity, the storylines, and the characters. i feel like i’ve been true to them all, though it unfortunately needed these 5 revisions to get there in many cases. i can’t wait to hear feedback.

it’s noticeably leaner than the first book. this isn’t inherently bad, but i chopped a fair amount of stuff which felt heavy-handed or unnecessarily expositional, which may end up back in, depending on my beta reader responses. this is very hard for me. i hate being talked down to as a reader, so i don’t want to do it to my readers, but i also know everything that’s going on** so it’s sometimes hard to judge a good balance there.

and, yes, a little nervous. i’ll withhold the reasons for my nervousness, though, so as not to affect my beta reader’s perceptions.

so, the next few weeks are the hardest part, actually: the waiting.

in the meantime, though, what’s going on? well, i’ll be going back to the short story pile, working on submissions which have lagged while i focused on HHNF. i also have almost half of another book i’ve been sitting on (totally different storyline) waiting for the gumption to finish, which has been popping up in the brain more and more lately. then there’s the remaining three All Prophets Are Liars books, which are fully mapped and waiting to be written.


honestly, the first thing i’ll probably do is nothing.

well, besides finish the homework for tomorrow’s classes…

i did it!

* not to mention the incredible support of my wife who, among many many other things, saved my sanity by getting me outside for a walk with the dog on this exceptionally beautiful and warm fall day!

** hopefully, anyway

  1. Congratulations… following along with you these past couple months while you worked on this I felt your triumphs and exasperations. I’m very proud to know you and it’s inspirational to “watch” you push through. I look forward to reading it.

  2. thank you, Julie. it’s been a bit of a ride on this one, but I’m feeling optimistic. i’m a little out of sorts right now, too, not knowing what to work on, now (though i fell a little behind in the school work getting this done), but thanks for the support; it means a lot to me.

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