submitting is hard?

so i’ve taken a step back from HHNF while it’s out to readers to try and get some short stories back into the submission process and i just spent several hours poring over dozens of potential markets trying to find some good matches. my main troubles, here, come down to

  • length limitations (either too big or too small)
  • closed submissions (either indefinitely or because i’ve missed a reading period deadline by a day or a week and have to wait for months before the next one)
  • single submissions only (meaning the market will not consider a story that’s already being considered elsewhere. yes, this seems to make sense, but it’s very hard to keep on top of these with the overlap of response times that generally range in the 6-8 week range)

as a result, i spend more time than seems reasonable saying “ooh! perfect!” followed soon thereafter by “dammit!”

bleh. i know it’s the business, but this part is the least enjoyable for me.