half a week without internet!?!

yep, we were without connection from sun-night through weds afternoon. honestly, aside from our time on vacations – when we usually make an effort to get away from the ‘net – this was the longest time without service we’ve had in years.

and yet, we survived.

it was a great way to force me to buckle down on some writing i’ve been having a hard time getting the momentum on, and it was also good for just spending some down time, as Veterans’ Day coincided nicely with that. in fact, i got around to doing some stuff i’ve been putting off for years, such as darning an old overshirt that had a torn shoulder.*

on the other side, it meant not being able to work remotely for my computer job, which will mean a significantly smaller paycheck. i will be trying to make it up, but it will be an hour here and there, likely. i also re-discovered an old computer game i never finished (Morrowind), and let several hours disappear into that still-addicting hole.

today, though, things are on track. i spent a couple hours revising a mainstream short story (“One Man’s Monster”)that’s been waiting for another pass for quite some time. i wrote it in 1997 and i still like it now, and that’s pretty impressive, i think. perhaps most telling is that the revision has been largely cosmetic (some phrase changing, some word adjustments, even a couple typos); the bulk of the story, the structure and the pacing remain solidly intact.

of course, i hope i’m not deluding myself here, but i’m going with it for now.

what’s more, though, this morning i sent Uncle Deppo out to a few other markets. i’m going to try and focus on those that accept simultaneous submissions for now. see if that helps. we’ll see.

and now it’s time to make up another extra hour for the computer job.

* of course, even mended as it now is, said overshirt is still not allowed in the house, but it remains my faithful covering when heading above the garage. sorry, dear. i’ve worn that overshirt for large parts of all three books, as well as many of the short stories.

  1. your overshirt sounds like most of my shirts…I mean, if it’s not mended or held together with safety pins, chances are, it’s not my shirt.

    • i think ‘lived in’ is a more appropriate description, but yes, it’s definitely extremely comfortable, and capable of putting up with all the abuse i give to my clothes. i swear, i don’t try to ruin them…

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