me? write a legal thriller?

so part of “One Man’s Monster” takes place in a courtroom, which i honestly know very little about apart from media input. i’ve done some research*, and tried to stay as professionally correct as i can, but i know there’s a lot i’m missing. to be fair, this story doesn’t hinge on any particular legal twists, more on psychological/perceptual ones. this particular scene i’s more about the dialogue than the law.

that being said, the research i have done, and the things i have found (many of which won’t find their way into this story), have sparked an unexpected interest in me. more than once i’ve had to pull myself back from getting ‘too legal’ and keep the focus on the original story. but this only makes me want to write a genuine courtroom drama or legal thriller, to dive right into that world.

i have to say, that was not a genre i ever really thought i’d be up for writing. not that i don’t like reading them, i do, i just never thought i’d find the research and development that interesting. it’s good to be proven wrong.**

* totally armchair, so far, but this has me thinking about spending some time sitting in on some proceedings.

** well, like this, anyway.