mom, please come home, dad’s got the camera out again

Mom Please Come Homei’ve actually been rather productive today, but our pooch, Tupelo, was looking just so adorable, i couldn’t resist. the poor animal has to suffer like this with me most days.

i have hit a bit of a stumbling block in One Man’s Monster, though. it’s directly related to my lack of legal knowledge. now that i’ve made a more concerted effort to be realistic*, i’ve realized that the existing storyline doesn’t work. blatantly so.

so, i’m trying to re-jigger** the order of events of this particular scene while upping the credibility.

i know, i know, it sounds like a bad idea already, and it probably is, but i’m pushing on, anyway, because i do feel a good sense of momentum, overall. the story is strong and these latest efforts are only helping to tighten it, so that’s a good thing. this work has also revealed some surprising moments and i’ve been able to create some emotionally powerful situations, too. at least, i think so.

Tupelo doesn’t seem convinced…

* this scene was almost laughable before. who am i kidding, it was laughable.

** fake words are fabtacular.


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