nearly there

first, i hope everyone had a lovely holiday break* and were able to be with family and friends and enjoy the time together. we had my brother’s family with us over the weekend. they’re living out of state for now, so it was great to see them all, including my way-too-fast-growing niece.**

Thanksgiving day itself was lovely, too, with more food than is safe***, but also with a lovely couple of spontaneous poetry readings (and read-alongs) by folks. this isn’t a regular thing, but i’m going to do my best to make it so. i am extraordinarily grateful to be part of such a family that holds the written and spoken word so highly.

thank you, Gram.

second, this evening was the first devoted time in a while that i’ve spent on One Man’s Monster, and i made a notable breakthrough! of course, it included killing another beloved section of the story, but it really was necessary. why can’t i make my hindsight work ahead of time?

anyway, it’s very nearly ready to give to someone else to have a go at and tear apart for me, while i move on to another story.

now, of course, it’s time for bed.

be well, all.

* for those of you in the US, anyway.

** who managed to break her hand goofing around with friends. ah, youth. (keep it elevated!)

*** there were almost as many pies as people at my grandmother’s house!