cognitive dissonance

well, not really, but i couldn’t think of a better term.

i just finished my revisions on One Man’s Monster this evening, which is great, but while i was working on the last few pieces (which revolve around some distinct unpleasantness), my wife was watching an episode of Glee* on her laptop and i couldn’t help but hear the strains of “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady being sung. That being one of our all-time favorite films**, i found myself watching the Glee rendition*** before returning to my story.

and this is the thing: when i got back, it was genuinely difficult to get my brain back to the proper mood for the story. i was looking at what i’d written, reading it over, and getting distinctly put off by the tragic themes at work there. this caught me by surprise and took me several moments to get past. it makes perfect sense when i describe it, but it was the first time i can recall having so noticeable a reaction of this type.

thankfully**** i was able to get past it and finish the story. For now, anyway. I’ve sent it out to a few readers, so there will surely be some further editing, but it’s time I moved on to something else for a bit, too, though i’m not sure what yet…

* this one’s growing on me. i’m not thrilled about the soap-opera elements, but the music has been top notch for the episodes i’ve seen so far.

** yes, despite the unmistakable sexism and whatnot in it. i still have a hard time with that, but i can’t not like anything audrey’s in.

*** not as good as the Cast Album recording, in my opinion, but still quite good.

**** should i be thankful that i was able to darken my mood?


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