i love my five minutes

i need to catch up on some sleep, but it’s been a weekend without any new writing* and i need to do something, so i popped open the file with the bit of short story idea from last week and started in again. i don’t know exactly where i’m going with this one, yet, but i’m zeroing in on the narrator’s voice, and i’m resisting some impulses to make changes, allowing myself to just let it come out. this isn’t always easy, but i’m liking it, and tonight’s work even these few minutes, have put me right back into that feeling of excitement that resonates around a new story for me, and it makes me smile.**

and on that note, to bed.

* we had a great visit this weekend with some friends out of state, but it was too short and meant a long weekend driving, which usually drains me. i remember when i drove 6+ hours one way just to visit my wife (when she was my girlfriend) for the weekend, and hardly bat an eye at it. of course, those trips also consisted of at least one big bag of Jax each way and now that might actually put me into a coma…

** which is good, after getting another rejection for Congestive Heart Failure in the email.