and thrilled to be here! the holidays have been great and i’m extremely fortunate in family and friends*. hopefully, you and yours, regardless of what you did/celebrated/etc., are equally well and happy!

however, with all that great stuff going on, and preparing some last minute gifts and such, there was no fiction writing happening, of any kind. that’s not terrible, obviously, and i’m okay with it, but since finishing the revision of One Man’s Monster, i’ve not written any story or book material of anything more than a few lines or a random paragraph.

so, in part to spark my creativity, i entered into an informal writing challenge, with the goal of writing a thousand words toward a story by Christmas. sadly, while i wrote a couple of pages of notes and had some very good ideas on the whole, i failed to actually start the story (for the above reasons) and therefore did not meet the deadline.

however, my co-challenger was extremely flexible and yesterday afternoon found me back above the garage** and writing! of course, it didn’t hurt that i’d gotten in a bike ride during yesterday’s temporary midday thaw, and the story poured forth and i felt at peace again.

i didn’t quite nail the ending yesterday, but instead of beating my head against the wall over it, i set to work typing up yesterday’s work and by the time i’d gotten to the end of those pages, i’d found an ending. i’m not certain it’s quite the right ending, but it might well be. i need a little time away to determine that.

the story is titled Fragile and is probably easiest described as urban fantasy, but only if Eddie Murphy’s The Golden Child is urban fantasy. hm, that was an unexpected comparison…

regardless, i’m writing again, and feeling alive once more!

* though i’m not nearly as good at staying in touch with friends as i could be. i’m working on it, though.

** the unheated part of the garage, wrapped in my new super-warm over-shirt, over which i wore the house-banned green plaid over-shirt, plus a blanket wrapped around my legs, and a cup of Typhoo tea to warm the innards. and i couldn’t have been happier!