new book: Another Night at the End of the World

so i’ve decided on my next book. instead of the historical novel i was considering recently, i’ve opted instead to finish a new piece i started a few years ago, in between drafts of Witness. It’s currently titled Another Night at the End of the World. it started as a NaNoWriMo attempt, but i only managed about 18000 words by the end of the month. nonetheless, there was something about this story, and the pair of characters at its center, that has kept at me ever since. on reviewing my notes after all this time, i see i’ve already done the outlining and pacing, as well as developed additional background and so on. i’d forgotten how much i’d actually put into this. no wonder it keeps yelling at me to come back and finish.

of course, i’ve already identified some notable changes and started revising these notes. the great part, though, is that these new adjustments are merely that, adjustments. the story is making more sense as a complete novel and the organization is playing out more clearly now. yes, sometimes i really need to step away, i guess. way away.

i’m still working on that challenge short story, but we haven’t been able to meet to discuss feedback so that’s on pause right now. i also sent out One Man’s Monster to a few markets this morning, which means a matter of several months wait there. so, it’s time to dive into something else, and i’m excited to be focused again.