5 minutes a day

getting back to appears to be the only way i’m going to make progress on this next book.

i’ve got a number of irons in the fire, right now, and it’s easy to say “i’ll do more tomorrow”, but i know that’s not necessarily true. even if it was true, though, what is also true that none of my days are so jam-packed full that i can’t devote even 5 minutes to working toward Another Night. when i waste no time surfing the internet or tweaking a PowerPoint to death for a class or such things, and i’ve filled every other moment of my day with necessary work or practice or quality time with my wife or taking the dog for an extra walk, then, maybe, maybe i’ll consider letting myself off the hook.

today? nope. i was almost to bed, too, but dammit, if i don’t start getting back in shape now, when will i?

and you know what? yep, i came back down for five minutes and suddenly it was twenty minutes later and i was engrossed in this story again. why did i stay away so long?

oh, right: laziness.

but no more.