rule #8: finish first, then revise

or, don’t go back and revise under the pretense of ‘catching up’, as i was guilty of today. and yesterday, too, if i’m honest.

i put in a little time after class this afternoon* reading further through what i’d written so far and thinking i was doing good work by tightening up the content as i was going along. unfortunately, this meant i went at probably a tenth of my normal reading speed and that i was trying to change things without really remembering how i’d perhaps used them later on. worse, though, was my failure to realize** that i was committing one of my biggest sins: revising before finishing.

the most depressing and frustrating part, however, is knowing that i know better. ah, well, at least i recognized it early enough. i still like the revisions/editing that i did and they will probably stay, but i need to leave that til after i finish. i do enough drafts as it is*** not to compound it by revising within drafts.

* during a time slot i’d set a meeting with a colleague at the college, in fact, but which i’d entirely forgotten about. not smart.

** until this evening as i sat down to write this post about how i’d done good work today. figures.

*** the title of this blog is decidedly not ironic; just ask my wife.


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