global warming in a fantasy world?

i don’t know if this could have been further from my mind when i started writing Another Night…, but it’s blatantly obvious to me now that the main plot – which is essentially a murder mystery – is set amid an unavoidable climate change message. well, ‘message’ might go a bit far, but the theme is clearly there. it’s not the focus of the story, but the more i open my mind again to this piece, the more i realize how it all fits together.

of course, i’ve also discovered that some of the patting on the back i’ve been giving myself lately about better tweaks to the storyline after being away for a while are, in fact, not deserved. well, not now, anyway. i’ve made it through most of my original notes for the story and just discovered that the tweak i’ve been most proud of was actually something i’d written down way back then. ah, well.

part of this realization makes me nervous. i don’t want to write a “message” book about the dangers of climate change, or some such. that kind of thing’s been done to death, and i don’t really think i could pull it off, either. on the other hand, there are some interesting connections and pathways that i can see within that arena, which are quite appealing. the awareness, i suppose, is key.

so is getting a good night’s sleep.

oh! i got another non-acceptance, non-rejection note the other day. this particular market is running a little behind in their reviewing, so it’s more wait and see, but it’s very nice to learn that one of my stories (The Beginning of Wonder, in this case) is still in the running.

now to sleep.