why can’t anything stay simple?

so i’m trying to do just my five minutes tonight for Another Night because last night was way too late*, but barely a minute into it i discovered a character i had expected as a tertiary presence – at best – fast becoming the central figure of an entirely new storyline. as usual, the thrill of this discovery is always wonderful, but even as i scribbled away i knew i was just digging myself deeper. i had fully intended to write Another Night as a standalone, with no plans for the future, but now i have another very compelling scenario that is calling to me.

at the very least, i was able to compartmentalize the content that was not directly relevant to Another Night and bring the focus back where i need it to be for now, and the result was a character whom i think will add a very interesting interaction with my main characters. i can’t wait to get to their dialogue. his presence, and what he represents, has also changed the texture of the story as a whole, which is both huge and not huge. structurally, it’s minimal, but i think it will impact the language i use, and this is very intriguing to me.

of course, the other idea is now firmly in my head and will keep pushing me to write it until i do so. why can’t i keep things simple?

* i missed my 5 minutes yesterday, but i did manage to finish typing up the comments/edits i’ve been working on for that other person’s book. this took far, far longer than i expected, unfortunately, but i really enjoyed the experience of doing it. it was a challenge at times, both out of my normal content arena and out of my personal safe zone, but I am very grateful for the opportunity. stretching is always good.