the best addiction

(aside from my wife, of course) is my writing. i’m sometimes unclear why it took me so long to get to this point, but it doesn’t matter. i’m here now, and enjoying it.

even when i haven’t taken a shower and have spent the last hour still sitting in my gym clothes as i hunker over the table and scribble away.

i’d honestly just started a five minute bit while my wife took her shower, but then i just kept going. i wouldn’t trade it.

tonight’s work revealed a really cool plot twist, some more backstory on Gupti, as well as a couple glaring stereotypes and environmental problems i have to address. all of it is good. the best part about finding problems i’ve created or allowed to happen from laziness or simply didn’t see in the first place, is that i know i can make them better. it may take a lot of effort, but i know i can do it. i am the little engine that could!

in light of the new direction this book is taking, i thought folks might be interested in where Manadan & Gupti started for me, a year ago last November, in a failed NaNoWriMo bid. this is serious first-draft, entirely unedited stuff, just so you know, just as it came out of my fingers each of those days. if you’re interested, though, i’ve grouped it here:

Another Night at the End of the World: NaNoWriMo Edition
note: i have to fix the search, because it’s by date, so the first entry is actually on the second page, but at least they’re all there.

i think i may do the same for Witness. i have the original posts from an earlier blog many many many moons ago.

now, though, it’s time for that shower.

  1. wow.
    I am terribly flattered to be counted (with writing) as an addiction.
    I think I’ll make more of those cookies. :)

    • cookies with coconut
      and hand-ground cane sugar,
      these mid-morn delights
      are a blessing i treasure,
      though just one of the reasons
      i love you beyond measure.

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