chop! chop!

the challenge: cut 11oo words from Uncle Deppo (from 5100 to under 4000)

the deadline: this Friday

the reason: twofold – 1) to fit the length requirement to be considered for application to The Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, and 2) to see if i can*

this is as much a challenge of my perception of my own writing (i think Uncle Deppo is great right where it is, but how valid is that?), as of my ability to revise. i think Uncle Deppo has the most potential of all my short stories for acceptance into the program, but losing more than a thousand words will have to have a major impact on the story, won’t it?

it is also possible to use a chapter from a novel for the application, though, and there are a some particular chapters of NGD and HHNF which could suit as well and are already within the length limit, but i really feel like Uncle Deppo has the goods (but will it after such a drastic weight-loss regimen?) and want to push myself to make it work.

here goes.

* and thereby answering the question: just how much fluff do i write, anyway?