crits and gupti and my Monster denied

this week is Spring Recess at the college, so i’ve been using the extra time to buckle down on reviews for OWW, including a few more this morning. as a result, though, i’ve been putting Another Night… on the back burner.

i haven’t taken it off, though, and i’m back to doing at least five minutes a day on it, usually more. i’ve spent the last couple weeks basically away from it while focusing on Uncle Deppo‘s revisions (deadline looming, must get in mail soon) and now the crits, but coming back to it these last few days has made me realize just how close i am to starting. in fact, over the past couple months of working on Another Night…, i’ve handwritten 32 pages of notes and ideas and backstory and plot elements and characters and such, in addition to my revision of the 30 pages of the original NaNoWriMo attempt.

now, it’s time for the final outline, which i’m hoping to finish within the next week or so. with any luck, i’ll be ready to dive into writing proper at the beginning of april, which would be very cool. i’m still focusing on a novella-length piece, so i’m hoping to turn around a completed first draft before the beginning of june, which, hopefully, will perfectly coincide with my attendance at the Odyssey Workshop. of course, just thinking about that right now is making my stomach hurt.

so i need to focus on the now.

writing plan:

  • give Uncle Deppo a final pass and get it to Odyssey and out of my triple-guessing hands
  • finalize the outline for Another Night…
  • do some more reviews and crits for OWW
  • make a change i’ve been thinking about for No Good Deed and see if that plays better for audiences

that last one reminds me, a friend who is currently reading NGD has asked to take a stab at turning it into a screenplay. i was at first hesitant, but she’s serious and very interested, so i’ve given her free rein. the more i think about this, the more excited i am to see what she comes up with. this has been another back burner item for me, but to have someone else do it without my too-involved lens will be very interesting.

also, i recently got another generic rejection for One Man’s Monster, which makes more sense after a great morning spent this last Saturday with a writer friend over tea and oatmeal pie (mmm…). this was our first sharing of critiques, which is always an uncertain time, but his comments and questions were very good, and (i think) he got something out of my comments on his piece. we talked about the difficulties of receiving criticism, not just the personal attachment hurdles, but what to do with contrasting comments from different reviewers, and how one measures the weight of one point of view over another. obviously, there were no hard and fast answers, but just being able to have an informed and invested conversation about these things is, in itself, extremely valuable. what’s more, reading his piece has pushed me to write another piece of my own that i’ve been rolling around for almost ten years and never quite doing. it’s not a monumental thing, but a short non-fiction essay, which will be new for me. hm. better add that to the list.

  • draft the 5 paragaph essay (this will make more sense later)

okay, so that’s more than a little to think about, and the morning’s cruising by.

i think there’s some oatmeal pie left…

  1. You know what I’m going to ask….

    Oatmeal Pie… I do fried oatmeal, which I think is deeeeeelicious and no one I know has even heard of it… so dish on Oatmeal pie… (pun intended)

    • ah, well, hm… this might have to be a trade-in-kind conversation, as i’m not familiar with fried oatmeal, myself. the pie is actually from the last Penzey’s catalog (and i must again thank you and thank you and thank you for turning us on to them!). it’s like a pecan pie, but with oats instead of pecans. i’ll email the recipe.

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