so, i had a meltdown today


it wasn’t pretty.

just ask my wife.

i suppose i was due, really:

i’m not going to get into the Odyssey workshop, even if i did get in what’s the point, everything i do is lousy, everything i write is pathetic, i can’t seem to figure out what it is agents want, nothing comes across the way i intended, i can’t take criticism, i can’t write humor, i’m nearly bald-

oh, wait, that last bit wasn’t part of it.*

seriously, though, it started this morning on the ride to work and it grew with the day. i’d like to blame it on the rainy weather, but that’s too easy. dragging myself through it all again now, though, would be just self-indulgent (for me) and pathetically boring (for you), so i won’t.

the long and the short is that my beloved wife was not out of pep talk by the time she got time home from work, so she was able to endure my whining and my defensiveness and my self-deception and talk me back down to my semblance of normalcy.**

as such, with pencil in hand, i set myself to the latest printing of Uncle Deppo, pencil in hand, and began what will have to be the final pass. the application for Odyssey must be received by them by April 8th, but i’ve already spent far too long delaying. this week will see it off, one way or another.

in fact, with these final pencil edits done, i feel much better already. tomorrow is another day.

thanks to everyone for their thoughts and feedback on Uncle Deppo, and thanks for the umpteenth time to my wife, without whom, none of this would be.

* not that it’s not true, mind you.

** not an easy task, trust me.

  1. Yet what would a true artist be without the termperment to go along with it… trust me, I have one of my own :-D

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