Another Night… begins!

i just wrote the first 3.5 pages of Another Night… and my back is killing me from being hunched over for so long, but my mind is racing with everything to come!

it took forever to actually start, despite an auspicious beginning. while in the shower, i developed a great idea for a way into the story that felt realistic and yet dynamic. so i got some herbal tea and put myself above the garage and said it was time to actually begin. then i sharpened a brand new pencil from my shrinking supply*. then i put on some music. then i wrote a heading. then i fiddled with the various bits and bobs on my desk. then i turned off the music. then i listened to the peepers outside. then i pushed myself to write something, so i did, but it wasn’t right, but i was writing, so i kept with it and then,


it was almost three hours later.

this is going to be fun.

* a collection of paper-wrapped pencils i picked up while in Statford-upon-Avon, several (many) years ago. yep, in the birthplace of Shakespeare, i bought some pencils, and i’ve used those pencils for almost all the stories i’ve written since then, including at least 90% of Witness, NGD, and HHNF.