Another Night… day 6 – eventually…

but i got there eventually. or well, almost. since i didn’t get more than a few lines done yesterday*, i was down 2.5 pages, plus today’s three. an unexpected change in my plans today actually gave me several hours extra writing time this morning.

which i almost completely failed to make use of.

i tried, and forced out 3/4 of a page over an hour, but it was a series of restarts and forced contrivances** that just never quite worked. so i walked away.

this evening, after yoga with my wife, and a delicious meal, i tried again. this time, there was progress. in fact, quite a steady amount, too. i’m not caught up, but i wrote 3+ pages, and i scribbled guides for the next couple pages/scenes to start with in the morning.

so what was the hangup?

well, it’s a bit embarrassing – well, really embarrassing – but i forgot a character was blind. i know. you’d think that would be a pretty significant character trait that would be ever-present. normally, i remember, but i slip up on the blindness element from time to time. i suppose that makes sense, since i’m not blind, but still, it’s embarrassing to forget such a significant element.

is this a flag that he shouldn’t be blind? no, i honestly don’t think so. i think it’s more a flag that i’m not fully concentrating, which is, frustratingly, easier to fall into when i’m trying harder.

learning: smarter, not harder.

* in fact, i was so tired i put the wrong day number on that post.

** is that redundant?