Another Night… day 10 – catching up (and catching a virus)

i’ve been slack, lately. very slack.

wednesday saw 2 pages written, thursday saw hardly 1, and friday saw nothing whatsoever. reason? the easy answer is the other jobs, but, especially friday, i was also not forcing myself to do something. if i can at least get above the garage for 5 minutes, that usually means a minimum of a page before i actually stop. if i don’t put myself up there in the first place, though, nothing happens, generally.

as a result, when i woke up on saturday morning i was 12 pages behind my intended estimate. i know, goals are great and all, but sometimes they don’t happen. this was the rationale i’d used on wednesday, thursday, and friday, though, and where had it gotten me?

saturday, then, i was determined to change things. my wife had an all-day school trip to boston, so i had no excuses whatsoever. i waved goodbye to my wife, threw some laundry on the line, finished a response to a student email, then turned off the computer for the day and took my cup of tea above the garage.

i was a little leery of getting the flow again after these days away, but it came along quite quickly* and i proceeded to write steadily throughout the day, breaking for the laundry, lunch and dinner. going for roughly 2 hour blocks at a time felt quite natural, and the result, by the time my wife returned at 8pm, was just shy of 11 pages**. 1 page short of truly catching up, but i’m not complaining. what’s more, the writing never felt forced. this was the biggest green flag for me. i’ve forced similarly productive days before, but force has definitely been part of those days. with these 2-hour blocks broken by a half-hour of something else entirely, i think i avoided running dry or stale. today’s work even included some comedy, which was great to see, and, i hope, a harbinger of things to come.


1 – don’t slack off.

2 – take breaks. 2-hours steady writing seems a good limit.

3 – wouldn’t it be awesome to have this be my day job? imagine how much i could write!

NOTE: this post is actually a morning late, but last night when i came to post the day’s great news, i was greeted with a bunch of HTML gobbeldy-gook, followed by a prompt telling me my browser ‘didn’t download the update’ and to ‘click here’.


a quick search found that Network Solutions, my hosting provider, has had large numbers of its WordPress blogs hacked/infiltrated by a relatively low-level attack that didn’t destroy content but broke a core URL causing the sites to display wrong, at best. thankfully, i’ve had previous smaller problems and my system is on automatic backup, so i was able to get back up and running relatively easily this morning. many other users, however, were not so lucky, as they realized NS does not default backups to on, so they had nothing to start from. very poor bus. mgmt. for NS, but another lesson of knowing what you’re buying.

anyway, all’s well again. for now.

now for some lovely home-made blueberry scones my wife just pulled from the oven!

* not unassisted by the tea, and some Mortal Kombat: Annihilation soundtrack on repeat

** and at the estimated words per page, that means i wrote roughly 4500 words. not too shabby. makes me think back in wonder at the trauma i experienced over the high-school 1000-word essay.