Another Night… day 11 – s’okay

almost 3 pages today. that’s fine, but i’m still behind by one from yesterday. got a bit bogged down in some unexpected school work, though, and that’s just the way it goes.

there was a little bit of forcing and some exposition that i’ll be cutting out as it currently is to more effectively feed in later, but it was good to get out. i did manage to find another bit of comedy, though, i think, plus some nice situational moments. it’s always cool to realize i’m in a story enough that i can let the unstated things speak for themselves.


1 – writing can take me away from all the bad things and put me in a much better space.

2 – forcing the writing isn’t all bad, so long as it isn’t protracted. i have to treat those times like freewrites, where i give myself X amount of time to push a thought through. if the time is up and i haven’t gotten through, then i need to walk away.

3 – knowing when not to say something is incredibly difficult.