Another Day… day 15 – steady as she goes

having some annoyingly persistent problems with the website from that recent attack, but hopefully that’s taken care of now.

i got another 3 pages done today. not top notch work, unfortunately, and i lost my ear for at least one of the characters between writing sessions, which took me a while to recognize. well, not so much to recognize, but to accept. there’s an interesting thing about momentum: it’s a neutral force. if i’m doing well and i’ve got momentum, the sky’s the limit. if, however, i’m not doing well, and i’ve got momentum, there’s no bottom to that hole.

but how do you have momentum when it’s not working well? isn’t the ‘not working well’ part a bit of a flag?

well, yes, that’s true. it is a flag. the trouble is that i don’t want to see the flag, so i ignore it until i’m all wound up in it. i know, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s what happens. i want it to be working more than it really is.

but, i did see it in the end, so that’s okay. i think i’m noticing this sooner and sooner, overall, so we’ll call it a steady learning experience, and keep on trucking.


1 – remember to keep the ear tuned.