Another Night… day 16 – where’s my sleep?

okay, i was supposed to be in bed two hours ago, but i went up over the garage to just try and squeeze in a half hour, maybe get a page of dialogue, maybe not, but at least get something down before bed.

obviously, that didn’t happen. instead, i ended up with 3+ pages of up and down material. i’m still having some trouble keying in on the characters and being true to their voices and personalities, but i’m trying to keep checking in and re-adjusting when i notice it.

i’m also suffering from a bit of vagueness in this section of my outline. and after all that talk of being specific and hammering it out over the previous month. pfeh.


  1. try mini outlines for the individual chapters/sections/outline points. instead of just diving in, map out the arc of the individual content of each one. perhaps not in the outline itself, to avoid over-rigidifying* it, but as a way of starting each new section to give me a clearer and more specific – at that point – understanding of where this section is going.
  2. i may be closer to my model work than i thought, which is cool. i will wait to talk more about this item later, though, after i’ve finished.

now, though, really, i need to crash.

* not a word, but i like it.