Another Night… day 18 – technologically challenged

yesterday was a day off from writing, and quite pleasantly spent, including a surprise snowfall. we got just enough to cover the ground and trees with white, which meant azaleas and forsythia in bloom were frosted, as well. not something you see every day.

today, however, i spent far too long changing the background for the site here. i did finally get the frustrating thing to work because i refused to give in, but that also meant i didn’t even start writing until late afternoon, so perhaps that wasn’t the best use of my time, today.

i did finally get above the garage, but i only managed about 2 pages. it was okay material, but i ran into a bit of a conundrum and wasn’t producing much i thought was worth keeping, so i let it go. after dinner, i grabbed a piece of paper and tried my suggestion from the last post (mapping out sections ahead of time). it was stop and go for a bit, but soon enough i found the door i needed – the story needed, actually – and was able to get a rough sketch down. nice to see the ideas actually work.

i’ve run into a more specific problem, though, plot-wise. it’s not overwhelming, i don’t think, but it’s a situation i hadn’t prepared for in my earlier notes. it’s signficant, though, and directly impacts the current scene, so i need to figure out the larger implications of a couple possible explanations before i go much further. i’m frustrated that i didn’t see this coming, but there’s no point in dwelling on that now.


  1. plan better for spending time on the computer
  2. that mini-map idea is a keeper