Another Day… day 22 – an unexpected scene, and my pep-talk queen

this afternoon i got a 2+ pages, which reached the end of a scene* just about the time my wife got home, so i broke for our afternoon walk and dinner. i went back above the garage intending to just start the next scene, just to get my official 3 pages for the day, and i actually started by using the mini-map idea. this felt awkward at first, but after a few lines, i got a good rough map. what i also got, though, was a red flag that i had missed something rather important from an earlier scene. it had been in my main outline, but i had not gone back to the outline in a while. this had the potential to reveal how far adrift i’ve gone, but i haven’t, actually. i’ve internalized most of the outline with all the time i spent on it to begin with, and this one piece was a minor oversight.

it was, however, important, and the scene needed to be completed. so, with the map for the next scene roughly sketched, i started working on the incomplete earlier scene. the result was almost another couple pages, including some nice character conversations between my principals. it’s fun and frustrating watching them get to know each other like this. i have been trying to keep myself from forcing the relationship and from dropping into cliches or stereotypes. i feel fairly confident about the former, less about the latter. either way, though, the evening’s writing went far better than i expected.

but i want to go back to that bit of time after dinner this evening, because that’s when i once again realized just how inspiring and supportive and wonderful my wife is. following the Odyssey news, i’d spent some time this afternoon looking at other possibilities for the summer. with that chunk of change no longer accounted for, we had discussed attending a couple conventions, preferably with writing workshops, to hopefully do some networking, etc., as well as look at full writing workshops/classes.

so, this afternoon i found some options and told my wife about them as we walked. i was a bit reserved about the possibilities, worrying once again at the amount of money things cost and the time involved** and whatnot, but she was having none of it. after dinner, we looked at the sites and she kept at me until i got out of my mini-funk. the result? i’ve got a homework assignment for the weekend to nip and tuck NGD one last time and then send it off to Viable Paradise* by Sunday at the latest. i’ve also got some cons to sign up for and start working out travel plans to make these a reality, rather than looking back on another year of ‘should have done that’.

she truly is the pep-talk queen.

* i just realized i haven’t made a single chapter separation yet. so far, it’s one long piece. hm.

** several of the items have dates in september and october, which are obviously not optimal if i want to keep teaching.

*** as usual, i pinned too much on a single option and should have applied for this along with Odyssey, but there may still be time.