Another Night… day 23 – less and more

a headache at 4:30 this morning gave me a headstart on some things i’d gotten behind on, which turned out to be a good thing. then i went to work revising Fragile, because of an idea i had earlier this week about a much better, tighter ending. it wasn’t a major revision, but it required some very specific attention as i adjusted it. in the process of going where i had intended, i discovered another potentially viable ending, but one that went in a distinctly different direction. this stumped me for a bit, so i started working on them in parallel. that was kind of wierd, but it seems to have worked. the revisions i made for one ending would sometimes inform the other, sometimes in word choice, sometimes in what to do specifically differently.

now, though, it worked well enough that i have two endings that i can’t quite decided between. i like the first revised idea because of it’s ‘cool’ factor, but i have the sneaking suspicion that there’s something more subtly impactful about the second revised ending. i’m still not sure what to do about this, but i reached the polished end of both revisions and then stepped away. i won’t be disappointed with either one, though, and that’s a pretty cool feeling.*

this finally brought me to Another Night…, but with only about an hour’s time before the day job. i got a good page and a half, though, with some strong dialogue and a minor but fun plot twist coming right up, ready for me to pick up again this evening.

* makes me wonder about writing an old-fashioned Choose Your Own Adventure. i loved those things. hm… (yes dear, i’ll wait until Another Night… is finished, first)