Another Day… day 25 – i started a riot [delayed post]

[there was something kablooey with the site when i tried to post last night, but it seems alright now.]

not a bad weekend for writing. the weather was fabulous and we did a lot of great stuff around the house and elsewhere (including a trip to Portland to see Motor Booty Affair* play with the Portland Symphony Orchestra, which was funk-tastic!), but i also kept at the writing because it was going so well, reaching page 70, where i started a riot in the streets.

this was entirely unexpected. the outline has no such reference, not even a hint of such a thing, and yet, during  heated exchange between characters, somone ran into the room with news that a riot had started at the gate. as i said, this wasn’t planned, but i could practically hear the bootsteps running down the hall as i wrote the earlier dialogue. i didn’t really know what i was hearing, though, until – wham! – the door bursts open and there’s a riot in the streets.

the riot isn’t the focus, though, it’s what the riot does for the story that is so wonderful. i get a perfectly timed and solidly believable distraction for our grudgingly paired heroes, i get a short-handed but effective layer of depth for the world they’re living in, i get a more complex dynamic between the heroes and the forces arrayed against them, and i get to kick the stakes even higher with a suddenly shortened timeline.

all because i started a riot that i never intended.

of course, there are some very slight adjustments to previous pages that must be made, but these will be simply raising the awareness of certain aspects of the world-building. the riot is only believable because of the environment Manadan & Gupti are working and living in. it’s not the most pleasant of places, but it’s for reasons that are more (and less) complex than might at first seem. i’ve worked at developing the rationale and the physicality of this place, though, and this gives me another quick chance to bring the world forward to the reader. not heavy-handed exposition, but well-placed notes and traits. at least, that’s what i’m hoping.

in other news, i haven’t quite finished my NGD homework assignment yet, but i did some serious and difficult editing and revision. it wasn’t easy, but i have been using some of the lessons learned during my recent work with Uncle Deppo, and the result is, somewhat depressengly**, much better. i think i have made the majority of those changes, but i don’t want to rush anything out, so i’ll take another day or two to sit with it and make sure i’ve fixed anything that broke when i made these changes.

all in all, though, a very good weekend.

* right on, Mike!

** only because it took me this long to accept what others had told or hinted at to me. much as i prde myself on accepting criticism and using it objectively, it’s obvious i still have a ways to go to.