end of term, workshop application, flight to AZ, oh my!

okay, so 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?

  • end of term craziness and grades finally submitted? check.
  • flight in a few hours to Arizona to see my niece as the lead in Beauty and the Beast? check.
  • application for Viable Paradise submitted? darn it!

i was really hoping to finish, and i think i actually have it all ready (sacrificing several days of Another Night… progress in the bargain), but it’s only as of this morning and i’ve learned not to trust myself at such a late stage. it’s a risk, but i don’t think i could live down the humiliation of a typo or spelling mistake on the application letter to a writing workshop (and the obvious rejection, of course). so, i will take it with me, give it all a final pass on the flight, and hopefully submit it while in AZ.

that’s the plan, and now i’ve got to run.