shooting for Viable

so, after almost 2 weeks of near-maddening revisions*, drafts, further revisions, further drafts, further further revisions — you get the picture — i asked my wife to click the ‘SEND’ button on my submission to Viable Paradise.

i know i get way too worked up over these things, but it’s been a good learning process. putting my Deppo hat on for this really forced me to take things to the next level. easy? no. better? definitely.

or, at least, that’s what i’m hoping. as i said, i had to have my wife actually send it because i’ve been unable to commit. i’ve reached** the point of diminishing returns with the revisions, though. as a friend recently mentioned, it’s possible to fix something so much that you break it.

well, we’ll see.

in the meantime, though, i’m very excited about getting back to Manadan & Gupti. over the past 11 days i’ve written a couple pages for M & G, because of the Viable submission, the end of the term and a fantastic family visit to AZ, and that’s all okay. now, though, with the submission out and the rest behind me, there’s nothing between me and the end of Another Night…*** i think there are only maybe 10-15 pages left, and it’s shaping up to be an excellent finish, so i can’t wait to get to it.

except now it’s time for bed, to get myself back on Eastern Standard Time, but tomorrow, watch out!

* of the first 8000 words of NGD, the synopsis, and a cover letter (yes, multiple revisions of the cover letter, and yes, multiple multiple revisions of the already multiply revised synopsis, and yes, god-only-knows how many revisions of NGD)

** passed?

*** cue massive writer’s block.

  1. Now that’s teamwork. Good luck . . . I applied, too. With any luck, maybe we’ll meet up in October. Do we even know how many people apply to this workshop?

  2. thanks, Dawn. and good luck to you! i have no idea how many people apply to Viable, but i generally assume there are at least 24 folks further along than i am. of course, that’s the cynicism talking, but still…

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