Another Night… day 35 – 100 pages and a pencil retired

today was an absolutely gorgeous, if windy, early summer Sunday, and while my wife spent the afternoon working in the yard, tending to the garden, and other such productive and appropriate things for such a day, i huddled above the garage and watched as things got more and more difficult for Manadan & Gupti. someday, this uneven share of activity will pay off, i promise, dear.

the pencil is dead, long live the pencil!a couple of milestones for the novella, today, though. first, i passed 100 pages: 5 pages of heightening drama and increased stakes puts me on page 101.  second, i had to retire my pencil. as you can see, it’s so small that it doesn’t actually touch both the page and my palm at the same time, making it rather difficult to write with. it made it through today’s work, though, and has served me very well. this is the only pencil i’ve used for Another Night…,  barring a few pages just before the end of the semester when i forgot it at school one day. i know it’s silly and a bit superstitious, but these are the things that tend to round out my days.*

beyond this, there have been some excellent developments in the story that i can’t wait to share with others, but i have to reach the end first. the good news, though, is that that end is racing closer and closer. i’m still hoping to reach it before the end of this coming week, but we’ll just have to play it by ear. a really good day or two might well serve, in fact. that’s how close!

now, though, i need to take care to not rush it.  i don’t want to drop the ball right at the end, and there’s a lot going on for our heroes that deserves care and attention.

not unlike the garden and yard work, actually…

* and yes, the pencil’s are covered with teddy bears. these are the ones i bought in Shakespeare’s birthplace. sue me.