Another Day… day 36 – 10 and racing to the finish!

today was pretty darn good. almost 9 pages done and the last page was a mad burst of scribbling to get it down as fast as i possibly could, which is always a great experience.

the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place for our heroes, but the clock is counting down and they might be too late! nerves are getting frayed, secrets are being exposed, allegiances betrayed and forged, and there’s even a bit of comic relief that caught me entirely by surprise.

in short, i’m having a blast.

there was a bit too much conversation happening in the middle part of the day today, a little too expository for my taste, but i’ll work on sharpening things up in the revision. i had to just get it out first. overall, though, i’m thrilled with the way things are turning out. i’ve been making a point of staying open to the characters’ genuine voices, which has been effective, and in return for not force-feeding them, they’ve revealed some really great things i can that will make some weaker earlier parts much stronger. i suppose that’s their way of saying ‘i told you so’.

this evening after dinner we spent a little time looking through potential writers’ conferences, et cetera. i’ve been looking at the Algonkian Write & Pitch and Pitch & Shop workshops, but i’m still on the fence. the whole paying-people-to-listen-to-me idea still feels awkward*, but there is always something to learn, right? still, it’s not exactly cheap, and i’ve still got 6 weeks before the deadline to hear back from Viable Paradise, which is also not cheap, and i’m not teaching in the summer so the income is halved…

but i just had a fantastic day of writing! stick with the positive.

and go to sleep.

* wait, isn’t that what therapy is? hm…