Another Day… day 37 – hiccup

barely a page written today, and even that was all jumbled about. i read somewhere that days of great writing productivity like my day yesterday usually meant 2 or 3 days of ‘writing hangover’ inactivity. it felt a bit like that.

however, while i clearly wasn’t going to be of much use writing dialogue, et cetera, i buckled down and remapped out the final two scenes. there’s also an epilogue of sorts, but that’s pretty straightforward.* this actually turned out to be quite beneficial, as i had overlooked a couple items that would easily have derailed me quite soon. so, not as much as i’d hoped today, but i managed to turn it into something useful, so that’s good.

here’s to tomorrow.

* he says, pretending this won’t be another bit of painful foreshadowing.

  1. thanks, love. thankfully, it wasn’t ironic. there was a little uncertainty in two spots of this particular bit, but this section turned out to be much more emotionally intense than i had anticipated.

  2. thanks, Mom. it truly is an amazing thing. the day counts in this series were for the duration of the first draft (which ended last night, actually!). it’s ultimately an arbitrary thing, but it gives me something to be responsible for, something to force me to write every day (or almost every day).

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