Another Night… draft 2 – but it’s really cool, darn it.

about 2000 words this morning. not bad, but not great. i could’ve done more, but i got into a bit of revision. not deep stuff, but i had to think about some changes i had made.

in one section, i had written a few paragraphs, then crossed them all out and chose another direction. on re-reading, though, i thought the original content was good. i hemmed and hawed a bit on this and finally decided to include any crossouts that seem resuscitatable. i’m bracketing those bits off* for later review, but since i’m not expecting to go back to the handwritten pages after i’ve typed everything up, i’d rather have more than less to work with.**

aside from being able to do more, though, i also just finished a section that i am all but certain i’ll have to either greatly shrink or get rid of altogether. so why did i keep it? because i like it. i really do. i think it’s interesting and revealing, as well as an amusing tangent to wander along, but i seriously doubt whether it will survive a genuine, hard-eyed revision. it’s hard sometimes for me to see the line between self-confidence and self-delusion. that said, there may be potential for a short story out of this.

but those questions are for later, after the typing.

* i think the brackets might work better than asterisks for this kind of thing, as they will give me a beginning and an ending to focus on.

** that’s probably a flag right there, that i should trust the less is more idea, but i can’t quite bring myself to do that, yet.