Another Day… draft 2 – typing, typing, typing

things are definitely coming along, but after a few hours’ typing, it’s hard to get back into it. i type moderately well, but for some reason i start to fall asleep at the keyboard after a while. i’m trying to minimize my caffeine/sugar intake, as well, which means no fake juice to kick me back up. the morning bike ride helped quite a bit, but i think i’ll wait til after the day job and try a few more hours this evening.

that aside, i’m still making good progress. 19802 words today, which is 40 handwritten pages down! That’s 1/3rd of the total.

the best part, though? The amount of involved revision i’ve done is minimal. of course, there are word choice changes or some expansions/removals here and there, but overall, the material is standing up very very well to this second pass. there are plenty of brackets to go back to later, but these are mostly questions about whether i want to include something else, rather than anything structural or plot-adjusting. this is quite a thing for me. i’m trying not to spend too much time thinking about this, though. i know there will be plenty of changes after i’ve truly stepped away from it for a little bit, so that’s a given. in the meantime, though, i can’t complain.

who knows? i might crack 50 pages this evening!