Another Night… draft 2 – slow, but still steady

it is now clear that i won’t finish draft 2 (the typing) by the end of the month. this is frustrating, but not altogether surprising, i suppose. progress continues, though. i’ve passed 50 pages, with just over 25K words. this leaves just over half to go, so that’s fine.

one of the big things that hung me up, though, was the section i’m currently in. it’s one of the 2 places i recall having some genuine plot/dialogue/logistical difficulties. it’s mainly a conversation, but there are a number of things that are being dealt with, and several of the characters have differing levels of knowledge, either of each other or of the events at play. i’ve already found places to cut several paragraphs at a time. this hasn’t been pleasant, but it has been necessary.

i was aware this was coming, but i was lulled into forgetfullness by the ease of the first 20K+ words. as such, i was more thrown than i probably should have been by this. nonetheless, it’s a process and i continue to learn. i have also made a point of balancing the need to get everything perfect on this draft and the need to simply finish this draft. as such, there are many more bracketed sections here than elsewhere. i think there are some clarifying items later on, though, which will help cull and clarify this section, so i simply need to get myself all the way to the end. then i’ll feel a bit more prepared to make the necessary decisions about competing branches of dialogue that i’ve kept. once the majority of this is done, then i can read it through as a consistent, though still imperfect, whole. from here, i hope to make final* adjustments and revisions based on this more complete view. then, it’s off to readers.

now, though, we’re off for the Memorial Day weekend to visit with friends and see The Dave Matthews Band. the weather looks good, and we’re getting out now to avoid the worst of the traffic.

have a great weekend everyone,

* -ish