Another Night… draft 3 – done, draft 4 – started

i’ve been away for a while, and this post won’t go much further, but i have made some … progress? i say that with a question mark because, though i finished draft 3 (first pencil edits) last night, i’m in a funk about the quality, not only of the edits but of the material as a whole. it’s the normal process, i think, but i’m genuinely afraid that i’ve lost some of the essential emotional content i was hoping to have. i can’t say for certain that it was in an earlier draft, anymore, but right now, at the end of these edits, it feels a bit flat.

nonetheless, i will push through and get these typed up into draft 4, thanks in no small part to the constant support and encouragement (and bullying, when necessary) of my wife. the plan is to get this done by the end of the week, so i need to get cracking.


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