Another Night… draft 4 – done, and so am i

i finished typing up this last draft yesterday afternoon, and all i wanted to do was get away from it.

i pushed a bit hard to get it done, and i think it suffered as a result, but i can’t bear to go back to it right now. i need to get away from it for a while. for some reason, this feeling is more intense than i recall in the past. i’m not sure if that means the work is less good or if it is simply the speed and pressure i put myself under.* i can’t say right now, though i willingly admit to fearing the answer.

hm. is there such a thing as writer’s remorse? like buyer’s remorse, only i wish i hadn’t written it, instead of bought it?

it’s a good thing the day job is still here.

more importantly, it’s a good thing my wife still is, too.

* which, by the way, was the direct result of some pathetic procrastination, and thereby entirely unnecessary.

  1. You? Push too hard to get something done and then suffer? That is simply unprecedented, I am shocked…shocked I tell you. Distance now…take Uncle Stevie’s advice.

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