easier and harder


     finishing (short story, novella)


     starting (anything)

so, while Monday and Tuesday saw some good work done and sent off to readers (and getting some good feedback on the short story already, which is great!), i spent most of Wednesday on a story idea treadmill, running in place but getting nowhere. i’m fairly certain what my next book project is going to be, but before i dive into that, i want to go for another short piece, and i wanted to go for something contemporary/mainstream, something lighter. basically, i didn’t want to write about people dying or using/abusing/chasing/fleeing/deceiving each other, no magic or swords or lasers or space travel or anything.

which means something way out of my past writing experience.

the fact that i couldn’t come up with a decent idea for almost the entire day showed me just how out of my depth i was. and yet, that only made me want to do it more. i’ve been reading Dr. Denis Leary’s Why We Suck, and, aside from being almost painfully hilarious, reminds me again how much fun, and even how necessary,  it is to see ‘yes’ in every ‘no’.

and then, just before dinner, i got it.

or i think i got it, anyway. we’ll find out later, but for now, it’s the spark that’s getting me thinking and excited about writing again, so we’re running with it.

i love it when harder becomes easier.