Running on Empty – getting lost already

because my computer went kablooey while at VP*, I didn’t have a digital copy of my story Running On Empty from Uncle Jim’s assignment during the workshop**, so I spent today typing it up and trying to get further with it.

1 out of 2 isn’t bad, right?

i got it all typed up, but when my wife returned home from work and asked how my writing had gone, i realized that while i’d written another 750 words or so, it was mostly filler. not bad filler, really, more like fleshing out some of the world directly around our hero, but filler nonetheless. i hadn’t gotten any further in the story.

i think this might be a side-effect of composing at the keyboard, something i don’t generally do, but that’s obviously not true, as i wrote the first 7 pages in two hours that way***.

the real issue is i’m letting my momentum lapse, and that’s a bad bad thing. i am pretty happy with what i’ve got, but i need to get to the end before i start fleshing anything out more. it’s bogging me down. i’m going to keep with the keyboard and push myself to get back into that space, and shoot for a complete story (beginning, middle, end) by the end of the week.

* thanks to Jessica for saving me for the week with an Ubuntu boot disk on Mac’s USB drive

** the one i’d been so blocked on that i’d only managed to get half – if that – finished before we had to present it, embarrassingly

*** again, this was only after i FINALLY broke through my internal logjam (after 8 pages of hand-written half-starts and scribbled notes and outlines)