rule #9: no blogging more than i write

why does it take me so long to realize the obvious?

i spent close to half an hour late last night blogging about my writing. that’s not inherently terrible*, but i spent maybe 10 minutes (tops!) actually writing.

that is inherently terrible.

from now on, if i only write for 5 minutes, i can’t blog/surf/comment/etc. for more than that. better yet, i can’t blog for more than half that time. focus!

in other news (because I have put in more time writing today!), i spent some time this morning with some very insightful and helpful comments from a few readers on RoE. Yes, it’s post facto for that submission, but given my submission acceptance track record (approaching very close to nil), there will be other submissions, and all these comments were great. i didn’t agree outright with all of them, but they made me justify why and then reconsider that, which is critical.

this led me to finish off another short that’s been hanging in my closet for nearly a year, now (Fragile). the time away has helped and i was able to make some hard choices thanks to the objectivity. it was great though, and the process was quite fun. it’s a quasi-horror piece, which is unusual for me. or, i should say that i think it’s horror, but horror folks may not think so. i’ll soon find out, though, as i just submit it as such.

it’s submission fever!

next up: getting Another Night… out on the streets to try and earn its way!

*though i could well have used the extra half hour of sleep and i really really really hate climbing into bed when my wife’s already asleep

  1. Don’t be too down on blogging. It can be an effective way of organizing one’s thoughts, or breaking a mental logjam. Websurfing, on the other hand, is pure evil and will one day destroy my writing utterly.

  2. quite true for most folks, i would agree, but even so simple a post a this single sentence so far has already taken me at least four revisions. honestly.

    excessive, i know, but until i can get a handle on that (meaning until i can compose more coherently on the fly), i will have to limit myself to the page more than the screen.

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