a well-spent day

from student essay responses to crits for VP folks to the beginnings of the first draft outline for Running on Empty (the novel), i was on a roll, today. after finishing off the last couple of student essays first thing this morning, i went outside. the weather was perfect fall, and i took my printed fellow-VP stories out on the deck, along with a pencil for marking and cup of tea*, and passed several lovely hours there (with occasional trips inward for thawing and more tea and such).

the best part about critiquing other folks’ work is discovering other ways to write a scene or dialogue, other ways of approaching a storyline, etc.. i love the moment when i read that line in someone else’s work that gives me a chill and makes me jealous i didn’t think of it first. that’s what literature is about, that’s what storytelling is supposed to be. for me, anyway. i know i can get bogged down in mechanics and word choice, but it’s mainly because i’m constantly trying to get my own writing to that level, to get my readers to have that experience and feel that thrill.

and now, to bed, with great hopes for the morrow!

* and an overshirt, and a jacket, and a hat, and a neck-warmer, and a lap quilt

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