i just wanted to walk away

i was working more on the outline this evening, trying to put the various puzzle pieces together, but it wasn’t working. it felt as though i was working with pieces from 3 or 4 different puzzles. when i glanced at them, they looked similar enough, but when i put them down on the page and tried to fit them together, their connections didn’t line up. i tried twisting and turning them, shifting them around, flipping them over… i even tried grabbing some new pieces. no dice. it looked so cool and exciting and awesome from afar, and so blatantly wrong up close.

i was beginning to despair. the chill over the garage was beginning to get to my fingers and i couldn’t see any other way to make these things work. i found myself making excuses to leave it, and while it’s true that distance and distraction can often work wonders for my over-focused mind, i also felt fairly clearly that this was not that time. i was simply being weak. the day had been full of other activities and i’d only been at this for 20 minutes, after all. it wasn’t that cold, and i was pretty sure these were the right pieces after all.

so i tried one more time, taking a little more care to place each piece carefully before moving to the next one, making sure i clearly saw what each piece was revealing, and how each successive piece made a fuller, more coherent picture. and they did. slowly at first, but then faster and faster, until i could barely keep up!

there’s nothing like that feeling.

now, it’s time for Sherlock!